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Quick solutions, for beauty, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery
A few decades ago, in many countries, simplicity was appreciated and people would admiringly say 'simple living, high thinking. Today security and intelligence agencies will immediately classify a person who is not good looking, well groomed as an uneducated fool based on his or her appearance alone, though the person may be very well educated and well off financially due to the intolerance and irrational thinking of the top officials in the country. Realizing that these officials are extremely rigid and not likely to change their attitude overnight, people are spending far more money on personal grooming and looking good.

To take advantage of the beauty obsession, there are many cosmetic clinics which promise quick solutions for beauty. For New year 2016, a cosmetic clinic is offering the following packages which include
Glycolic Peel
Jet Facial
Fruit Facial
Inch loss session
Dark circle treatment
Face polish (Dermamicrobrasion)
Upper lip/chin laser hair reduction
Double chin removal
Face tightening
Stretch mark removal
acne scar removal
body wraps

However there are risks involved in undergoing these cosmetic treatments which are not extensively advertised or known. The cosmetic clinic staff may be careless or incompetent and instead of the appearance of the person improving, it may become worse due to mistake or error. Even well known celebrities are not spared the adverse effects of these "mistakes", the media reported how the famous actress Bipasha Basu had visible scars because her hair stylist was allegedly drunk while styling her hair and accidently injured her
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